Official Rulebook for the Pen Spinning World Cup 2022

NOTE: Translations of this rulebook are welcomed, but event organizers are not responsible for any misunderstandings as a result of translation.

<aside> 💡 Table of Contents


📝 Registration

Registration is open for any teams who would like to take part in WC22!

A team must register with a designated manager. This manager will be in charge of communicating information to their team and will also submit combos on time via Google Form submissions. The manager may be a competing member or alternate on the team, but is not required to be.

The size of the team must have 5 members, but an extra 6th member can be included as an alternate member to the original five. Participants can be a member of only one team. When an alternate member competes, the spinner they replace cannot compete again in the tournament.

Teams may be formed with members from any community or region. Official team managers may also be competitors for their teams, though it is not required.

Team Registration will close on June 11th 2022 at 23:59 (PDT). After this deadline, if a team still wishes to register, it will have to ask the organizers for approval.

<aside> 💡 NOTE: Substitutes can participate if one of the team’s members can no longer submit combos. The substitute will join the team as a regular member and the replaced member will be withdrawn from the rest of the tournament.


🏆 Tournament

The World Cup is a team tournament which will start on June 11th, 2022 and end on September 3rd, 2022.

📆 Schedule (Tentative)